Along the Danube through Serbia

SERBIA TOUR: 5 days, boat + bus

There are many reasons that make the Danube through Serbia a unique experience. Djerdap’s gorge is the longest and most beautifull river gorge in Europe. Oases of untouched nature and two national parks (Fruška Gora and Djerdap). A series of seven great medieval fortresses. Archaeological sities: Lepenski Vir, Vinča, Viminacium and Trajan’s board. Enjoying the tastes of traditional Serbian and Oriental cuisine. Divercity of the landscape and richness of the customs of the Serbian population as well as 17 national minorities.

Day 1 
Belgrade - Smederevo (boat) Arrival to Belgrade Airport and transfer to the Port of Belgrade. Boat trip to Grocka. Lunch at restaurant „Vineyards“ in Grocka (Josip Broz Tito has hosted his guests seventeen times in this restaurant). Continuation of navigation to Smederevo. Accomodation in hotel. Leisure time. Overnight.

Day 2 
Smederevo – Veliko Gradište (boat) Breakfast. Sightseeing of Smederevo fortress and the museum. Continuation of the criusing to Port of Kostolac and bus transfer to Viminacium Archaeological site (one of the first Roman stronghold on the Danube, built during the 1st century). Return bus transfer to the port of Kostolac and cruising along the Danube. Passing by the Medieval Ram Fortress, built at the end of 15th century. Continuation of cruise to Veliko Gradište. Accomodation in hotel. Dinner. Overnight.

Day 3 
Veliko Gradište – Donji Milanovac (boat) Breakfast. Sightseeing of Silver Lake. Trip by boat to Golubac. Sightseeing of Golubac Fortress. From this place starts sailing through the Djerdap Gorge. Continuation of the boat ride to Donji Milanovac. Sightseeing of arhaeological site Lepenski Vir. Accomodation in hotel. Dinner and overnight.

Day 4 
Donji Milanovac – Kladovo (boat) Breakfast. Sailing through Djerdap’s gorge to Trajan’s plaque (the Tabula Traiana). Arrival to small vilage Tekija. Lunch. Sailing to Kladovo. Transfer to hotel. Dinner. Overnight.

Day 5 
Kladovo – Belgrade (bus) Breakfast. Tour of the arhaeological museum Djerdap. After that a short tour of the Roman and Early Byzntine fortifications of Diana. Visit to hidro-power plant Djerdap (it was built in 1974, when it represented the largest project in Europe). A visit to the remains of the Trajan Bridge. Lunch at the restaurant on the Danube bank in Kladovo. Bus transfer to Belgrade. Approximate end of the tour is in the evening hours. The price of the package depends on the number of passangers. It is possible to modify the program acording to the interest of the group.

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NOTE: Luxury boat Aquastar Maxim was built in 2014. This cruiser is 28 meters long and 7 meters wide. Capacity of 70 seats in the lounge area of the Aquastar Maxim boat is equipped with a bar portion and two large LCD high-resolution monitors and the modern sound system. The Aquastar Maxim Cruiser is equipped on the upper sun deck with an adequate number of deck chairs, which contributes to the full enjoyment of the cruise.

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