SERBIA TOUR: 6 days/5 nights/bus

The Roman Empire was a kind of European Union of the Ancient World. The area of today's Serbia in a certain period of history was the center of political power of the Roman Empire. Seventeen Roman emperors were born on her territory. There are numerous remains of the Roman Empire in today's Serbia: remains of imperial palaces, magnificent mosaics, art objects, jewelry and
other. The routes of the Roman Emperors led from Sirmium (Sremska Mitrovica), through Singidunum (Beograd), Viminacium (Kostolac), Diana (Kladovo), Felix Romuliana (Zaječar), Naissus (Niš), Remesiana (Bela Palanka) to Constatinopolis (Istanbul).

Day 1 Belgrade (Singidunum) 
Upon arrival in Belgrade, transfer from the airport to the hotel. Accomodation and some free time to settle in and relax. Depending on the arrival time group can
make a half-day tour of Belgrade. After the city tour, clients can have some free time for individual arrangement (lunch/coffee/shopping). Return to the hotel. Overnight.

Day 2 Belgrade (Singidunum) – Sremska Mitrovica (Sirmium) – Fruška Gora – Belgrade (Singidunum) 
After breakfast, early departure toward Sremska Mitrovica. After tour of the Sirmium, group will have free time in Sremska Mitrovica to explore the city on own. Continue towards Fruška Gora (one of five national parks in Serbia). Visit to Krušedol monastery. Optional - lunch at the „Perkov salaš“ where traditional Serbian specialities are served. In the „salash“ there is an ethno setting of traditional furniture, handicrafts and clothes. Return to Belgrade. Time for leisure. Overnight.

Day 3 Belgrade (Singidunum) – Kostolac (Viminacium) – Donji Milanovac 
Breakfast. Departure to Kalimegdan fortress (military camp of the Sirmium settlement). Sightseeing with the local guide. Transfer to Kostolac. Visit to arhaeological museum Viminacium. It was one of the main Roman cities and military camps in the period from the 1st to the 4th century. Lunch at independent in local restaurant in Kostolac. Departure for Donji Mianovac. Arrival to Donji Milanovac and accomodation in the hotel. Leisure time. Dinner and overnight stay at hotel.

Day 4 Donji Milanovac – Kladovo (Diana, Tabula Traiana) – Zaječar (Felix Romuliana) – Niš (Naissus) 
Breakfast in hotel. Departure to Kladovo. Tour of the Roman and Early Byzntine fortifications of Diana. Visit to hidro-power plant Djerdap (it was built in 1974, when it represented the largest project in Europe). A visit to the remains of the Trajan Bridge. Lunch at independent at the restaurant on the Danube bank in Kladovo. Departure to Zaječar. Tour of Felix Romuliana – archaeological site and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Serbia. Ancient Roman complex of palaces and temples was builted by Emperor Gaterius. In the evening hours the continuation of the tour to Niš – the ancient Naissus. Accomodation in hotel, dinner and overnight.

Day 5 Niš (Naissus) – Bela Palanka (Remesiana) – Niš (Naissus) 
Breakfast. Visit to Mediana – an important archaeological site from the late Roman period. Luxurious residence with peristyle,
thermae, granary and water tower date to the reigh of the Constantine the Great (306-337). Departure to Niška Banja spa. During the time of Constantin the Great and his successors, a bath into which medicinal spa water flowed was located in the royal settlement of Mediana. Free time forpersonal sightseeing. Departure for Bela Palanka (Roman Remesiana). On the return to Niš, lunch at the restaurant in the Sićevo gorge. Arrival to Bela Palanka. Visit to archaeological site Remesiana in the center of the town. Return to Niš. Free time for personal arrangement. Dinner and overnight stay at hotel.

Day 6 Niš (Naissus) – Belgrade (Singidunum) 
Breakfast. Drive on to Belgrade with possibility of visiting some Orthodox monastery (St Roman, Ravanica). Arrival to Belgrade. Transport to airport. Departure. The price of the package depends on the number of passangers. It is possible to modify the program acording to the interest of the group.

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