Hiking trip to Vratna Gates - Full day tour

Vratna gates are natural rock bridges ower the river Vratna, the right tributary of the Danube. They are a unique phonomenon, a specific phase in the evolution of cave tunnels. The entire valley of Vratna, which has resulted from the collapse of a cave roof through which the Vratna one flowed underground, and especially the natural stone arches (prerasts) over the river, are exeptional examples of the action of river and karst processes in isolated limestone landscapes. There are three prerasts: the Little Prerast, the Great Prerast and the Dry Prerast.

The Vratna monastery is situated about 200 meters downstream from the Little Prerast. This sanctity is presumed to have been founded in the 15th century. It is located at the exit of the gorge, between the vertical sides of the stone valley. It is the home of Venetian Octoechos (liturgical book) and an evangelical book written in Romanian. In the vicinity there are wine cellars „Rajačke pimnice“. This 60authentic stone houses are home to the highest quality wine.

The price of tour: 75 € per person, minimum 10 persons.The price of tour includes:
- Return transfer Niš – Vratna - Rajac - Niš;
- Hiking to Vratna Gates and visit of wine cellars in Rajac;
- Lunch;
- professional English speaking guide.

The price of the package depends on the number of passangers. It is possible to modify the program acording to the interest of the group.

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